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Miranda Norwood is well into twelve years of an ideal marriage with her college sweetheart husband, Curtis. They have successful careers in law and advertising, a beautiful home and two children, fraternal twins, Cameron and Candace. Life is good. This all changes in one day when she comes face to face with her husband’s infidelity. Even after five years, the scars of that tragic day continue to harden her heart and belief in love to a distant memory. But after her best friend, Mia, sets her up on a blind date, with handsome, HR manager, Roy Grander, sparks fly and Miranda’s wall comes down just enough to peer over the top. Roy Grander is a mystery. Grappling internally with guilt from a past that’s keeping him stuck, meeting Miranda has struck a chord in his heart and as much as he tries to fight it, the battle to resist his insatiable desire for her is slipping through his hands. Can two people, dealing with issues that are keeping them from moving forward, find a love that will save them? 

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