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Setting – Lula, Mississippi, 1970’s

 Madelyn, the youngest sibling of the Johnson trio has had it with the elder, Georgina, and Nola who left Lula, Mississippi five years ago, moving up north to Harlem, New York with a vision of becoming a jazz singing duo. They’re more than self-centered, leaving their sister with the huge responsibility of handling the affairs of their deceased grandmother, Estelle, as well as their mother Ophelia. This is causing much stress on the young woman and she feels that her life will be no more than it is. That is until the widower, Wilbert Truce comes along. An older man, fifteen years her senior, to be exact and Madelyn believes he is surely too old for her to love. But she’ll soon find out that love has no boundaries and she and Wilbert will embark on a journey filled with one surprise after the next. 

 Georgina and Nola return to Lula with a secret. Mother, Ophelia has one too. And then we have Savannah Moses, the daughter of Pastor Hezekiah and First Lady Justine Moses who is going to turn this small town upside down. One Good Thing is an emotional rollercoaster of two families whose need to keep things “private” even within their own households, stirs the pot and it overflows. 

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