It was a hot Sunday morning and Ruby was in the kitchen preparing dinner. The sound of gospel music echoed throughout as she sang along and the aroma of fried chicken engulfed the entire house. Celeste tossed from side to side, inhaling the scent, pulling the covers over her head thinking she should just stay there and take whatever punishment her aunt inflicted upon her, but she heard her name, this time, louder than before.

     "Celeste, you hear me calling you girl? Get up out that bed right now!"

     "Okay!" Celeste yelled back.

     She couldn't understand why she had to get up so early because service didn't' start until eleven and it was only six-thirty in the morning.

     "She makes me sick!" Celeste said under her breath. At fifteen, she'd had quite enough of going to church all the time. They went on twice on Sundays, Tuesday, and Wednesday for bible study and again on Friday night. She wondered just how many times you had to go to church to get into heaven.

     Celeste threw the covers off her body and stretched. The sun was shining brightly through her open bedroom window and her fan blew the warm air of Alabama's summer heat. She looked around her room. It was her favorite place. Adorned with purple bedding and accessories to match, she kept her room neat and organized. The walls were painted a vanilla cream and posters of her favorite singing group, The Jackson Five were taped on her wall. It made living with her aunt's strict upbringing and religious ways a lot more bearable. The room was her escape. She would stay in there for hours writing and listening to music, anything to get away from that woman's constant nagging and preaching, sending her straight to hell every chance she'd get.

     Celeste's thoughts wandered to the pastor's son. "At least I get to see Jordon, plus its youth day and that's good enough reason to get up and make sure I look my best." She thought. Jordon played the piano for the youth choir. His caramel skin, hazel eyes, and curly brown hair was just what the doctor ordered. All the girls wanted to be his, including Celeste. She sat up in bed and drifted off into a daydream. Suddenly, she felt a sting on the back of her head.

     "Ouch!" she yelled.

     There was her aunt Ruby standing there looking down on her with her hands on her hips. She stood four feet, ten inches and weighed well over two-hundred pounds. Her skin was a deep dark brown and she'd alway pull her shoulder-length salt and pepper hair back, pin it up and tie a scarf around her head. Those brown eyes were like daggers when she was mad, and this morning, she was mad at Celeste.

     "Didn't I tell you to get yourself up out that bed and get ready for church? Plus, I got things for you to do in that kitchen!" she yelled.

     Without a word, Celeste raced to the bathroom to get herself ready for a long, excruciating day.






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