Birmingham, Alabama, fifteen-year-old Celeste Stanton’s life revolves around the strict religious upbringing of her aunt Ruby Stanton who has raised her since birth after her mother’s death. Her world consists of a church and more church. But when the pastor’s son, Jordon Jackson, confesses his love for her, they become more than just friends. Her first sexual encounter changes her life forever. Shelby is born. Becoming a mother at 17 would bring challenges not once but twice; Claudia is born eighteen months later; causing her to grow up faster than she could blink, but where there’s a will, there’s a way and she manages to survive with the support of her family, and best friend Joy. She experiences heartbreak, love, and tragedy and learns that life is a constant; it never stays the same. To Begin Again is the story of life's lessons; it's a story of the sheer will to persevere in spite of what obstacles may be in your way. It's a story of learning that what we have been taught, no matter how much we felt we were being lectured and hovered over, it was for our good and it was all because of love. Celeste will find out all of those lessons and more.

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