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CHRISTINE PAULS is proud of every project that they’ve created. Each one has a prominent role in their career and have been enjoyed by fans of all ages and backgrounds. Browse through the list of titles below.



January 20, 2019

Church life is cramping her style and Celeste wants out, stepping right into the path of the pastor's son, Jordon Jackson.What happens, will alter her life forever, proving teen love can cause adult results.

Belinda's Song-v2.jpg


January 20, 2019

Tragic experiences from childhood, teen years and adulthood will catapult her into a spiral of events that will mold Belinda into the woman she becomes.

One Good Thing.JPG


January 20, 2019

Thirty-year-old, Madelyn Johnson's life is hardly what she'd envisioned it to be. A virgin, blind to the man of her dreams, works as a seamstress and cares for her elderly mother.
Deep down, she holds resentment towards her sisters, who decided their dreams were more important than helping out at home, leaving her to carry the burden.

Love for Granted Final.png


January 20, 2019

Deion and Adina are young and in love. Their bond is unbreakable. That is until an opportunity arises for Adina that will boost her passion to sing into another atmosphere, kissing her nine to five as a loan officer, goodbye.

Deion, a police officer for the NYPD doesn't feel the same and what happens next will test the strength of their relationship to its breaking point. Will they fight through it together or live life apart? Who is taking love for granted?

Never Too Late Final (1).png


January 20, 2019

Raelene Thompson was hardly entertaining the thought of having a man in her life. That is, until her son, Andre, slyly introduces her to the handsome Lieutenant Gregory Banks, his commanding officer.  

The attraction is instant. However, after suffering a heartbreak that shadows her to this day, she feels the need to guard her heart and preserve her way of life.  Gregory is determined to share his life with someone who will help him make up for all the years he lost being committed to something that can never fill a void. 

 As much as they seem to be the perfect pair, their life's goals couldn't be more diametrically opposed.  It's never too late to find love, but are they willing to take the risk?

The Love You Save Final.png


January 20, 2019

Twelve years of marriage to her college sweetheart ends the day Miranda Norwood comes face to face with her husband's other family.

Time passes, but the scars from that life-changing day have hardened her heart and love becomes a distant memory.

When her friend sets her up on a blind date with a handsome, HR manager, Roy Grander, sparks fly and Miranda's wall comes down just enough for her to peer over the top. The handsome man is a fascinating puzzle she longs to solve.

Grappling with devastating guilt from the past has kept Roy stuck, but Miranda strikes a chord of longing in his heart. As much as he tries to fight it, his will to resist the insatiable desire for her is slipping through his hands.

Can two people, dealing with issues that keep them from moving forward, find a love that will save them?




It’s been a long time coming, but the wait is finally over. Final Countdown, the latest title from CHRISTINE PAULS is something of a departure from their previous work. Order your copy today.

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