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     Dallas Avery and Alicia Mitchell are off to Nashville, Tennessee for business and pleasure. A wrench is thrown in the mix when the past returns to haunt the basketball superstar and puts both in imminent danger.

  Conway Ackerman has spent the last five years in prison, charged with aggravated stalking of the athlete early in his career. A man with a sordid past, and a psychotic personality, has been released and is on a mission to revenge the wrong that has been inflicted upon him.
   While Dallas is aware of the convict's release, he keeps Alicia in the dark, and they settle in at the Hermitage Hotel. The stage is set for a mirage of adventures that will extend to the iconic Beale Street in Memphis, but danger is in the midst.

     It's a race against time as the couple is tracked from place to place. Will they survive or meet their demise at the hands of a man whose mental state is deadly?

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